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Posted by on Apr 27, 2013 | 0 comments

Is Email Relevant Again?

Is Email Relevant Again?

In December, 2012 a small targeted email campaign from a Farm Equipment Retailer in the pacific northwest resulted in 24 new leads and one $15,000 tractor sale. The email was sent to 25,000 recipients and cost the client $1,850. With the tractor sale alone this campaign resulted in an 8 to 1 return on the client’s investment. Additional, smaller transactions were also recorded from this campaign.

In February, 2013 a smaller, 10,000 piece email campaign was sent to parents with children aged 6 to 10 living within a 5 mile radius of each other to attract interest to a small, private school open house. This campaign was an effort on behalf of the school to draw attention from an untapped geographic area and resulted in the highest open house turnout the client had ever received, which lead to a significant increase in enrollment for the term.

What do each of these small email campaigns tell us about the current state of email marketing? As standalone events, they don’t say much. They tell us that even small local businesses can generate results from a timely email campaign. Each  of these campaigns were also events with offers and opportunities that would expire within days. And, of course, each client delivered content that was timely, targeted, creative and valued by the consumer base that they delivered it to.

But beyond these consistencies, is there anything else that may have impacted the success of these two campaigns. As typical, changing consumer habits help us to uncover some interesting insights that may point toward an email resurgence…provided that it is used correctly.

According to Google Insights, the  email campaigns sent from the businesses in our case studies had an advantage that extended beyond audience targeting and limited time opportunities. In the case of both industries, email tends to act much more as a “last interaction”, living in the “Intent” phase of the consumer journey, compared to other verticals wherein email largely “assists interaction” and benefits “Awareness”. Of course, this all revolves around timing, too and, in each case, these businesses conducted their campaigns roughly 60 days from the start of their busy season, a period of time in which branded searching and final consumer decisions were being made for their industry. Finally, with well over 50% of the population holding smart phones in their pockets and purses, access to email is more convenient than ever before. And, incidentally, both campaigns had creative that converted effectively to mobile.

With so many digital solutions available, resources like Google Insights help to understand where your each product intersects with your customers’ consumer journey. With the right product used in the right way, at the right time (and with some good creativity) achieving a consistent return on your investment is within reach. Data can tell you where your audience is, go find them and connect with them.

For more information on how email marketing intersects with your industry, follow this link:

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